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Marjolein Vermeersch:

Marjolein is the daughter of founders Johan Vermeersch and Martine Nijsters. She joined the company at the beginning of 1999, after gaining work experience in advertising and with an export consultant. Before that, she obtained a Master’s degree in Business Administration in Barcelona and a Master’s in International Trade at EHSAL College in Brussels.

To familiarise herself with the coffee trade, she took an international Coffee Course organised by the Coffee Trade Federation in London and trained with a number of specialised importers. Not surprising, then, that ever since she joined the company, Koffie Kàn has started to see things on a rather bigger scale and has been exporting its coffee to the UK, Germany, France and the Netherlands. At Koffie Kàn, Marjolein is responsible for management, marketing and sales.

Frederik Danneels:

Is not only Marjolein's husband, but is also responsible for our coffee production. He roasts and packs the coffee and carries out our stringent quality controls. Thanks to his great professionalism, care and commitment, we are able to guarantee that every pack of Koffie Kàn is 100% fresh and flavoursome.


A loyal and enthusiastic member of the team, who is always ready to tackle the many different daily tasks at Koffie Kàn or to take good care of our customers during our frequent open days. With her fine eye for detail, Céline is a valuable and indispensible part of our customer relations set up. She is often the voice that you hear at the other end of the telephone.